Concept Statement

My Anti-Hunting Womenswear Collection acts as a campaign against animal hunting to raise awareness of its negative impacts and contribution towards animal endangerment. Through prints revolved around wildlife crime, my designs feature detailed animals and floral motifs of varying scale worn upon safari-wear inspired garments with influence of trending utility fashion and hints of colonial style. The collection is marketed towards upper high-street youth in order to be affordable and get across its message and the importance of animal conservation. My Anti-Hunting line-up represents the life and death of animals through a combination of light and dark moods and encourages and educates on the impacts of hunting.

During my Final Major Project I had encountered many challenges as a result of Covid-19. Alongside the cancellation of Graduate Fashion Week and internal fashion shows at my university, I was unable to complete construction of my printed fashion collection past outfits 1 and 2. Instead, I chose to expand and refine my collection, designing an additional 2 looks as well as a small collection of scarf designs. Due to lockdown restrictions, I had to improvise and become my own photographer, using a friend to model my garments in a local location. Despite all of this, I managed to produce some amazing work and achieve a First-Class Degree. Whilst lockdown had some significant impact on my FMP, it has also pushed me to further develop my digital design skills and even create a fashion video for Offcut London's Virtual Fashion Show of which I was a finalist.


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